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DC Chris Skelton
14 May 2006 @ 11:01 pm
I'm only 'ere for a bit of a joke.

Which is why I'm gonna stick to me journal fer a while, and not venture out into other bits of the Hyde internet!
DC Chris Skelton
13 April 2006 @ 06:05 pm
I dun't think Sam is right happy cos he'd tried to send the Guv on a Hyde 'puter course but he dun't seem right bothered (says he dun't like these new fangled ideas of Sams). Just hope the Gov changes his mind and gets himself up on this t'internet stuff.

If any of yer see 'im - let 'im know will yer!

To all those on me friends list - if yer ever wanna comment please do - I'll try and get back to yer!
DC Chris Skelton
18 July 1973 @ 09:08 pm
So I got this 'ere package in the post the a couple of weeks ago. If yer click on the cut, you'll get to see what I were sent!

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DC Chris Skelton
17 July 1973 @ 12:47 am
I dun't really know what a DVD is right, but a mate of mine on me journal told us there are these two actors called Marshall Lancaster (yer know, the one who looks just like us) and Dean Andrews who do a talking bit with summit to do with when we arrested that Billy Kemble bloke. Apparently right, they have the following conversation (when yer 'ere the music):-

ML:- "What is this? Life on Mars?" (He even sounds like us then!)
Someone else:- "Oh, wrong show!"
DA:- "I've seen that John Simm somewhere before."

*cough* 31st March 2006 (Hyde date)

Me first conversation about that John Simm Bloke

I saying nowt!

Oh - and from what I 'ere - that Marshall Lancaster, right, 'e likes wearing womens knickers!

So we 'ave summit in common after all!
DC Chris Skelton
Now this is right weird. Get this, I were on that johnsimm again over the weekend right, looking at pictures of that John Simm Bloke, from some Hyde film called Human Traffic or summit, and I noticed 'e 'ad a tattoo the top of 'is right arm (perhaps 'e did 'is National Service in the Navy like?). So I sort of figured 'e in't like our Sam right, cos Sam an't got a tattoo, ('e din't 'ave one when we went undercover that time at the baths or owt - I think I would 'ave noticed - I spotted Kim Trent's verruca after all!).

Any road, I got talking to the lass who put up them pictures, and she said it were odd cos Sam 'as a nasty bruise just about the same place where, that John Simm Bloke 'as 'is tattoo. ('ow she knows I d'know. Perhaps she knew Sam when 'e lived in Hyde). But the thing is she's dead right, 'e does have a bruise or summit just there. I'd always figured it were cos the Guv is always manhandling 'im, and it never gets chance to 'eal.

But then I put me investigative brain on to it right. I dun't think it's a bruise at all - I think it's some sort of birthmark, cos it's always there. I'll 'ave to ask Sam next time I see 'im, but the Guv is keeping 'im busy at the moment with work. They've been working long 'ours at the office or summit. Sam's looking quite worn out, poor thing.
DC Chris Skelton
15 July 1973 @ 05:41 pm
Well folks, I've actually gone an written a fic! Let us know what yer think about it. It in't mucky, I've been very well behaved! There's a bit of tying up with ropes, but it ain't as bad as it sounds! Any road, let us know what yer think.

Title: Me first proper fic
Setting: Summer 1973, sometime after Sam went loopy and turned a gun on the Guv.
Rating: 15+ There are a few dirty words me Mum woun't want me using! But no mucky business.
Summary: Me and Sam get in a bit of a pickle - can't say owt else, or it will ruin it!
Disclaimer: I dun't quite understand it, but I 'ave to say that it in't mine, that me, Sam and everyone belong to the BBC and Kudos. Alright?

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How I feel like!: hopefulhopeful
Elton John?: Yellow Brick Road - Elton John
DC Chris Skelton
14 July 1973 @ 09:18 pm
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Elton John?: Elton John on me tape recorder!
DC Chris Skelton
13 July 1973 @ 11:35 pm
Right, I've decided to put up the results of me poll that I did, 'bout who I should end up with.

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Elton John?: Live and Let Die - Wings
DC Chris Skelton
So I were watching them Hyde TV channels again. This time it were on the Hyde version of BBC1, which in't a bit like our BBC1. Hyde BBC1 'as all these poofy dancers before the start of every programme - it's right shite - oh it dun't 'ave Testcard Girl neither. Think it must be one of them regional things - you know different things depending on where yer live. I mean like in Yorkshire they 'ave Yorkshire news with that Austin Mitchell bloke.

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Elton John?: See My Baby Jive - Wizzard
DC Chris Skelton
Who should I end up with?

I need some 'elp like! I'm all bit confused cos I like Ray, Sam and Annie! I d'know who I should be with. I mean Ray is me bad 'abit that I can't give up, I love Sam and I dream 'bout Annie.

So I were wondering if you lot could 'elp me and vote in the poll behind the cut.

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Elton John?: Friday 13th - Atomic Rooster